Stand By Me

The Stand By Me Youth Initiative Program was designed to address the issues concerning at-risk youth in our communities. The South Memphis Alliance recognizes these needs and stands committed to reaching youth by providing them with the skills and knowledge to live a productive life. We do this by providing four major programs to at-risk youth.


Street Smart is a multisession, skills-building program designed to help groups of runaway youth reduce unprotected sex, number of sex partners, and substance use. The program is based on social learning theory, which describes the relationship between behavior change and a person’s beliefs that he/she has the ability to change a behavior and that changing that behavior will produce a specific result.


HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.  South Memphis Alliance provides free, confidential, same day HIV testing, counseling and referral services at our Social Suds Resource Center.  Simply call 901-774-9582 for testing days and times or to make an appointment.


Anger Managementis an evidence-based program. The group interaction and the materials will help clients recognize, overcome and control anger management challenges, thereby reducing negative behaviors.


Conflict Resolution is an eight-week program that teaches teenagers how to solve problems through mediation, negotiation, and effective communication.


Parenting is a ten-week program that has two courses of study available: Nurturing Parenting or Parental Guide: A parenting program for managing challenging behaviors.


Financial literacy is a multi-level 3-tier program that lasts 4-10 weeks depending on the goals of the client. Our Peer Educators are trained to provide accurate and reliable financial information to their peers in order to encourage students to take responsibility for developing and maintaining a financially stable lifestyle. Some of the responsibilities of our Peer Educators are to conduct workshops, provide one on one financial coaching, plan and host special campus wide events as well as develop an on campus network all to promote financial literacy.


To supplement our current programs the Alliance is developing two new initiatives: alcohol/drug prevention and a vocational training program.


Our goal is to implement programs that motivate, challenge, and change the attitudes and outlook of at-risk youth.