Community Action Panel

SMA started as a community-based organization serving neighborhood associations, civic clubs, and other entities to assist neighborhoods in coming  together and having a collective voice.

SMA continues to support community-based entities, in addition to the other initiatives it has taken on.

The community-based support SMA provides includes financial support, technical assistance, and advocacy through its Community Action Panel (CAP), composed of representatives from more than a dozen South Memphis civic groups.

A member of SMA’s Community Action Panel have a seat on the SMA board, and play a vital role in helping fulfill the mission to create a community of healthy, stable, and independent young people and families in South Memphis.

The SMA Community Action Panel Chair, Ian Randloph, sits on the SMA Board of Directors and is with Annesdale-Snowden Historic District, one of the community-based entities supported by SMA. Other community-based entities supported by SMA are:


Annesdale-Snowden Historic District

Barksdale-Cloverdale Neighborhood Association

Dison Street Block Club

Glenview Neighborhood Association

Hernando Terrance Neighborhood Association

Rozelle-Annesdale Association

Soulsville Neighborhood Association

35th Ward Civic Club

Trigg Subdivision Neighborhood Association

Victor/Kerr Community Association

Wellington-Shadowlawn Neighborhood Association