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This month, South Memphis Alliance kicks off #Swap4SMA.  #Swap4SMA is a social media campaign focused on raising funds by challenging individuals to swap a purchase for a one-time donation to SMA, then sharing that swap on social media, and challenging friends to do the same.  It’s a simple challenge:

  1. Decide your swap – Coffee?  Maybe a car-wash?  Possibly that sweater you’ve been eyeing?
  2. Donate that money using our PayPal one time donation link.  The one time donation link can be found on the bottom of our home page.  Click HERE to open that home page and look for the link on the bottom left.
  3. Share your swap and hashtag it up!  #Swap4SMA #SupportYouth #SupportSMA #FundFosterYouth.  Doesn’t matter, as long as you use #Swap4SMA.  
  4. We told you it was simple!


Here are a few ways to share your swap: Save a snippet of your receipt and use these as examples:


I figured I would spend $11.12 if I ate lunch with my friends today, but I gave that money to SMA instead. #Swap4SMA #FundingFosterYouth #SupportSMA


If you don’t care to share your amount, block it out!


I really need to get my car washed with this money, but foster youth need this more. #RidingDirty #Swap4SMA #MoneyMatters


Here’s another receipt snippet:


Swapping my manicure for a donation to SMA!  #CommunityFirst #Swap4SMA #WhatCanUSwap


If you have a PayPal app, your receipt may look something like this:


I can go see that movie another time.  I choose to support youth in foster care.
#Swap4SMA #SupportOurYouth #BuildingCommunity #IDareYou


If you need assistance in sharing your swap, email our campaign chair at kim@kimaginethat.com or call SMA at 901-774-9582

Whatever the amount, your swap counts!

C’mon!  Accept the challenge!  We dare you…

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